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Ways of Seeing. Blog Post 2

The way that women are represented today is similar about what Berger argues, women are always objectified by men because men are sexual beings. Women does have control over the images in the media, but I think that most of them would rather have something more sexualized out there, because they would want to feel a kind of acceptance from the male audience, which would in turn give the woman the attention that she might be seeking. If a man sees an image that’s sexualized or nude, then that’s where his mind will take him, even for a second. On the other hand, a woman might have control over the images in the media by not putting out sexualized images because she would want to be portrayed in a positive, less sexual aspect by the male. Berger mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve, that the woman was blamed for giving the apple to the man, and was later punished. Today, such as, if a woman dresses provocatively, and thus gets harassed or worse by men, many times they would blame the woman just for the way she was dressed.

Blog Post #2

I believe that the representations of women today do objectify them in similar ways to what Berger describes of how women were depicted in the renaissance paintings. In episode two of Ways of Seeing John Berger elaborates on the idea of how in certain paintings where the female body is illustrated it is portrayed in a way most pleasing to men. Furthermore, Berger indicates the distinction between what it means to be naked and the idea of what being seen as nude signifies.

To elaborate John Berger is trying to illustrate the idea that being seen as nude- is to be viewed as an object, most particularly through the lens of objectification and overall sexualization.  Berger emphasizes the fact that to be nude is to be objectified and portrayed in a desirable and sexual manner. Berger is spot on because the representations of women today sexualize and objectify women even more- In addition, Berger is correct when he says women are painted and photographed in ways to please men. In society, today women are often objectified and forced to live up to unrealistic beauty standards-  various outlets of media use the female body and these standards to appeal to certain audiences which include mainly men. The idea of being seen nude is harmful because it perpetuates the idea that women are nothing more than their bodies and are here only to please men. Everyone already knows that the female body is beautiful and capable of life but the concept of being nude has been twisted when in reality being naked is a beautiful choice one makes out of their own free will. To carry on, I would say that women do not really have control over their image in the media- the media itself portrays women to be less than men and the over-sexualization of the female anatomy also impacts what it means to look and behave as a woman.  In 2021, I do see women owning their sexuality and creating their own image which lends to new and more inclusive representations.




Blog Post #2

Representations of women today objectify them in the same or similar ways as what Berger argues about women depicted in Renaissance paintings. Typical representations of the female nude in the European artistic tradition were made by male artists, who put woman on display for the pleasure of a presumed male spectator. However, women now have more control over their images in the media and are less determined by the male gaze. As a woman, I don’t think sexuality plays the same role in images of women today but a woman will always be judged no matter the time we are in

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I agree that representations of women today objectify them in more ways than the renaissance paintings. Back then all men had were just that… paintings. Now with advanced technology you get more. Videos for example are just the tip of the iceberg. There are sites used as well. I think all women are determined by the male gaze. They all like to feel wanted and desired. Some women seek validation in the male gaze. But women don’t want to be seen as an object that men can use for their advantage and pleasure. They want to be desired due to societies portrayal that being wanted is something we should all want and experience. I think in certain cases women have control over the images that get put out into the media but in other situations they do not. I think women will always be sexualized, no matter what era we enter.

Greg Blog Post #2

  1. In episode #2 of “Ways of Seeing”, John Berger explains that the nude women in Renaissance painting weren’t recognized for themselves but instead for men’s pleasures. I believe in today’s society the role of women has changed dramatically but still remnants of those times remain. Women have definitely gained some control over their images in the media but unfortunately the reality of it is that some people still see women the same way. In the episode Berger states “A nude has to be seen as an object in order to be nude.”, in todays society I believe sexuality is starting to play less and less or a role in that statement. Male and female alike both objectify nudes regardless.

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According to what John Berger said in the way of seeing episode 2, women in the Renaissance paintings didn’t express their own nakedness by their choice. He said they try to please the spectator or the men painter. However, many women today have their own power, their own choice with their own bodies. Social media has changed the way people look at women. Men respect women more as equal human beings. Also, women don’t have to care much about how men look or gaze at them if compared to the past. So, I disagree with the opening phrase that Berger said about men dream of women, women dream of themselves being dreamt of. I said that because I think many women in the21st century are busy dreaming of building themselves for example running a business or dreaming of being a billionaire instead of that. As a woman, I don’t think sexuality plays the same role in the image of women today because nowadays we understand that women are not objects. Anyway, I don’t ignore the fact that when it comes to women there is a sexual aspect to think about. On the other hand, Women are a lot of things more than some objects that pleased some men. We see ourselves as we are, not identify ourselves by being looked at by men.

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There is a big change in the time, I don’t think that there is an objectification because nowadays social media has changed it. Back then it use to call the atención because of the meaning of the image or because of the posture of the woman in the painting or photography meanwhile today they want call the atención not with a good posture o a good glance, they want to show all the part of their body to call is “sexi photography”. There are certain people that alway follow  the gaze of the men but the time has changed so much that they do care about that gaze, now it just depends on what time of person you are for example, your job, who are your friends, what are your hobbies and so on. At least many of the people that I talk to about these things, they say that  “they don’t care about what people think, they post what they feel comfortable with”.Meanwhile there are a bunch of people just looking for the gaze of the men or women. I think that sexuality could play the same  role in picture or  painting and in the change of the time it possibly could have too. I think that picture and painting are in the same tree but different branches.


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In the video, “Ways of Seeing, Episode 2”, John Berger argues about how women were portrayed in the Renaissance arts, which are often depicted as nudity. However, in modern-day art, women are not seen naked, but with different elements and styles of art surrounding her and the painting. The way I see it, some women could have control over their images, while others aren’t. This can be seen near the end of the video, where a group of women along with John Berger were discussing the old European art, and one of the ladies sees the paintings as unrealistic because she finds it to be exaggerating. Later in the discussion, however, another lady points out that women believe they are set with the expectation to look beautiful just by looking at the paintings. Compared to what Berger describes women in old art, a woman in art nowadays doesn’t seem to focus much on her and her body but focuses more on the style and meaning of the art itself.

Blog post #2

In the Renassaince era, one of women’s main duties was to please men and only them. But over the course of centuries, roles of women has changed. We are independent, just as smart as men or even more. Women being viewed and used as objects is not the norm anymore. Paintings of women in the renaissance period had to be with minimal energy, after all they were there to feed an appetite and not their own. In modern time, the idea of women just pleasing men is absurd. Women are seen more, not overlooked at. They have control over their life without the need of men.

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Berger is stating that since the time of genesis and up until this point when Adam and Eve were given the fruit they realized they were naked. After that women were seen as objects women were there to please men.Women got judged by men, others, themselves . In the paintings the women were portrayed for men in same way naked or nude.Today is the same  women are portrayed in the same way.