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According to what John Berger said in the way of seeing episode 2, women in the Renaissance paintings didn’t express their own nakedness by their choice. He said they try to please the spectator or the men painter. However, many women today have their own power, their own choice with their own bodies. Social media has changed the way people look at women. Men respect women more as equal human beings. Also, women don’t have to care much about how men look or gaze at them if compared to the past. So, I disagree with the opening phrase that Berger said about men dream of women, women dream of themselves being dreamt of. I said that because I think many women in the21st century are busy dreaming of building themselves for example running a business or dreaming of being a billionaire instead of that. As a woman, I don’t think sexuality plays the same role in the image of women today because nowadays we understand that women are not objects. Anyway, I don’t ignore the fact that when it comes to women there is a sexual aspect to think about. On the other hand, Women are a lot of things more than some objects that pleased some men. We see ourselves as we are, not identify ourselves by being looked at by men.

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