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Hello Everyone !

My name is Luis llanos, and Im a freshman at Laguardia Community College. As of right now, I am Pre- Health Science major in the Pre-clinical phase. Outside of school, I enjoy spending my time writing poems, reading, listening to music, playing baseball, I’m into films/movies, film photography, and lastly exploring new places. I’m excited for this semester and learning new things.


Hello everyone,
I am Asia. I am a freshman here. I was born in NYC and I am 18. I like to do many things like drawing and reading. I am very excited to experience this semester.


good morning, My name is Lauren Padilla I am in the pre clinical phase of vet techs my major. I have three children and I am a single parent.I am of Spanish I like to read and spend time with my children as my hobbies. Im hoping to provide more stability for my kids that is why I am in college.


Hey everyone my name is Jane. I was born and raised in New York City, I’ve been living here my entire life. Im 25 years of age and raised in Harlem. This is my first year into college and I am majoring in Criminal Justice so later on I can become either a K9 Officer or State Trooper.  When I am not in school or working the things I love to do is spend time with my family, read, do outside exercises or activities that involves nature.I love to cook at home a lot so I can binge watch some of my fav shows. Despite these strange times I’m very excited to begin my semester and see all the obstacles I will need to face during my college years.

P.s I am also a tree lover!

Greg’s Introduction

Greetings everyone, my name is Grzegorz Bielen but feel free to just call me Greg. I’m originally from Poland but I’ve been living in New York City. I’m a US Army Veteran, had the pleasure of traveling around Europe. I’m currently majoring in Network Administration & Information Security. Outside of school I enjoy playing video games with friends, snowboarding, and painting (not that I’m any good at it). I recently got into self-help books and i’ve been enjoying them. I look forward to spending the semester with you all.

Ismanol introduction

          Hi, my name is Ismanol and I am majoring in criminal justice. Looking forward to getting my two years degree in LAGCC. I have some hobbies that I practice in my free time, they are cycling, photography,skating,reading and motorcycle rides. In the near future I would like to visit some other countries because I love to learn about new cultures. Indeed I love to talk about human behavior and debate certain iams about it. I think there is not a dream impossible to achieve, it’s like if you can dream you can make it. I’m going to college not with the purpose of getting a good job in the future, my idea with this is that you can educate yourself and become a better human being therefore, my compromise is to become more intelligent with everything that I  can learn in my journal in life. But at the end of the day the most important thing is to love yourself first and the you will be able to give love to other.

Yoshoda’s Introduction

Hello Everyone!

My name is Yoshoda Khuldip, and I am a freshman student here at LaGuardia Community College. My previous teachers and colleagues would also call me Yoshi or Yoda- whichever is easier for you 🙂 . As of right now, I am Pre- Health Science major in the Pre-clinical phase. Outside of school, I enjoy spending my time creating baked goods and pastries- and occasionally I help my Grandmother out in the garden.  I’m super excited to begin this semester and I hope this term brings everyone great knowledge and success. With that said, Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your year!


Hi everyone,

My name is Ibrahim and I’m majoring in biology. After I get my bachelor’s degree in biology I plan on joining a physician assistant program. I like watching sports such as futbol and the NFL. My favorite school subject is science. I also like listening to music, reading and working out.



My name is Katrina and I’m majoring in Psychology. I was born in San Francisco, California. I’m into films/movies and film photography, so I love watching a good movie in my free time. Some of my favorites are Jojo Rabbit, Wall-E, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. If I’m not doing anything I’m probably listening to music and jamming out to it in my head. I love trying new foods and exploring new places. 🙂


Hey Everyone,

My name is Latrice Williams but some people call me Lala. This is my first year at Laguardia as a freshman, and my major is Nutrition Management. Hopefully after receiving my Associate’s degree in Nutrition Management I can start working in nutritional services to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle including myself. Over the years I never realized how important the foods I eat has a huge impact on my health until I was diagnosed with some health issues which gave me the motivation to change my eating habits and to become a nutritionist. my overall goal after Laguardia is to get my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. I love trying different restaurants with my friends since I’m a foodie. When I’m not outside I love cooking or reading health related articles online. When it comes to English surprisingly I dislike it so I don’t read books or write unless I have to.