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This is a comparison of the soundscape by. R. Murray Schafer and the article show A.S.M.R Became a Sensation

In this paper i will be discussing how different sounds affect our environment. A big topic brought up was noise pollution and how we choose to not listen/block out certain sounds. In both of the articles ear sensation was mentioned. Through A.S.M.R we listen to sounds that can be a form of serotonin and a mind relaxation sensation. A.S.M.R is a stimulation of the mind with raw sounds. Some. people find it relaxing while other like myself don’t really find it as. enjoyable of an experience. While feeling that way I could also appreciate it. In Schafers article he talks about how the ear is an “erotic orface”. We can experience sensation through many different sounds. Different sounds affect our behavior, our mood, and our environment.

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