Blog post 8

Taron Lewis




                                                A.S.M.R  Being famous 


         We always find videos to relax our minds, to escape from reality, to help us sleep, and to release our stress. This is about A.S.M.R videos those kinds of videos are like messages to our brains it’s like something to calm ourselves from what happened to us over the years, or for dealing with anxiety or dealing with stress, I found about this kind of videos, from watching a funny show that represented A.S.M.R videos and from watching one years ago. I think these kinds of videos are more different from what we usually listen to when we want to sleep or ease our minds because you can hear the sounds that are being made and you can probably tell how they are being made, like a footstep or crunching noise, something being broken apart or well anything really. A.S.M.R videos can be something for your brain when you really need it but only when you really need it or you just wanna experience it for the first time and I’ve experienced it the second time from my professor and thanks to him he got me thinking about what could be the difference of those videos to relaxing and meditation-videos, so I decided to create this story to explain what I think about them and for what the world to know about it, just the people who don’t know about and for the younger people. Sometimes I usually prefer relaxing videos because they can help me sleep sometimes and from what I think about the A.S.M.R videos it can just be enjoyable to hear, nice to listen to, and to help a little with your mind. The sounds you hear from the video is a lot different from what we hear in reality, in reality, the stomping, the noises, the crashes, and a lot of other things can just be annoying to the person not relaxing, it’s not relaxing because it can stress a lot of people out hearing the same stuff over and over again can cause a migraine or might give you a headache, what I hear from the A.S.M.R videos is just calming noises of things that can cool your mind instead of making it worse for you, so the sounds you hear in those videos will be way better for you.