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According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing because it allows you to listen to other people’s perspectives while you contribute your own ideas. I agree that learning to look at art work can help us analyze other situations because it can help enhance our communication and analytical skills. It helps use your imagination by looking at small details that can hold a larger meaning.


Berger was stating that the art can only. be viewed in the place where it resides.An example of that is the museum. Also that when you add a camera it is just like an eye it can only see what is in front of it at any given time.So a photo  a  copy famous painting  can reside in your home or in a class room to be used and viewed at your leisure.

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  1. Using  “Entering the Conversation” as described by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein can lead to advantages to a more intellectual discussion with stronger points of views. The main idea of this technique is demonstrated by entering a conversation and listening to all sides of the arguments. By absorbing the arguments of all sides of the conversation, you can formulate your own thoughts and ideas on the subject with a stronger understanding of the topic.
  2. The smarthistory videos discuss how learning to look at artwork help us analyze other situations. I agree because it can train you to see different perspectives. When you look at something through your own “lens”, you’re limited to your point of view. By analyzing artwork, you can see the illustrator’s point of view and train your eye’s attention to detail. This can translate to real-life situations by being able to see details that untrained eyes cannot and therefore grasp a better understanding of the problem.

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         Using the “entering conversation”gives the writers more benefits because they will be able to have more ideas.Indeed they will be more critical with their thoughts and also will give the idea of what the writer will be talking about. Meanwhile if they don’t use it, they will be creating theories in their writing and their readers will have more questions about.


     I think that it does help us a lot. Being good at looking at photography can bring your mind to look at many details in other cases. I strongly agree with this because I am a follower of photography and that also is my hobby. And the truth is that there is plenty of meaning in photography, and the photography that opens your mind to street photography because of the details and their meaning. Therefore, looking at photography and trying to read their meaning will help you identify more things in other scenes.


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Using the model “entering the conversation” is basically about giving us different points of view. This is an advantage because in writing it is very important and intriguing to see all sides of the topic that is being talked about in a cohesive manner. Throughout the writing, the readers will interact by agreeing, disagreeing or both. Using this model will not make the writing predictable.

I only thought that art was for self expression only but I was wrong. Artwork is very crucial to analyzing situations by training us what needs to be in a scene and what doesn’t. It will make it easier for to come up with a conclusion.

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  1. According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, using the model of ”entering the conversation can be effective because it allows for more discussion to take place. Additionally by using the model individuals are able to incorporate their own ideas whilst also being able to explore new perspectives.

2. After viewing the smart history videos, I agree that learning to look at artwork can definitely help us analyze other situations and help us further improve our communication and analytical skills. Sometimes when we look at art our gaze is being challenged- from there we are able to enhance our perspectives and gain new insight. Also, certain art pieces even have the ability to prepare us for the real world, promote our attention to detail, and in general help us think more critically to analyze complex problems.  Overall, I would say art is a unique experience that can help us as individuals think more critically and understand the complexity of certain things.

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Writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing. There are many advantages of this model. These advantages help writers and are important in creating ideas. One advantage of the model “entering the conversation” is that it helps you create your own thoughts. Another advantage is that you will have a more expanded view of things from this model.

I agree that learning to look at artwork can help us analyze other situations. Looking at artwork can enhance your thoughts. You can also observe art and think about the meaning behind the artwork.

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  1. The model of ‘entering the conversation’ is effective because as you input your own ideas, you listen to others’ ideas and respond to each other’s feedbacks. Using these templates can even contribute to your writing to becoming more creative and original, as these templates only help guide and format your writing.
  2. I agree that learning to look at artwork helps us analyze other situations, as it puts yourself in others’ shoes and helps you look at things from a different perspective from things we usually wouldn’t see just coming from your own point of view. It helps you think outside of the box, artwork can make you think since a lot of it is up to the viewer to view and interpret. Observing and analyzing artwork can also train one’s eyes to search for details and inspect elements.

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  1. According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing because there are many advantages of this model. This model helps writers state their own idea in order to respond to others easily. It helps writers respond step by step. And, the most important thing is to understand what’s other people’s claims before pick our own idea to agree or disagree with that statement. This model helps the writers do write better because it’s like an everyday conversation with other people.
  2. I agree that leaning to look at artwork helps us analyze other situations. It took me by surprise at the first because I overlook in the fact that this process helps me to have a better critical thinking. Personally, when I go to the museum or art gallery, I see things and sometimes I have questions about it. This can compare to the situation in the real world. We

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Writers should  use the model “entering the conversation” in their writing. This allows you to listen to what people are really saying and from there you are giving them a sense of what you think in response to what they’re saying. You have to hold out against giving your own point of view until you have constructed what type of discussion is going on.

I disagree that looking at artwork can help you analyze other situations because art is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone will have their own interpretation which may lead to conflict. Some could view an art piece as superior, ethical, moral or beautiful and some may look at that same art piece and be in disgust, anger or dismay. That conflict can be destructive and cause poor attitudes towards people who disagree with each other’s interpretations of that very same art piece.