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paper 2: I will be writing about and ‘ways of hearing podcast  one time’  and ways of hearing podcast 2 space by:Damon kraveritsky and how sound is and how they affect daily life. I do believe that sound affects daily life in NYC in both podcasts in daily life.

In both podcasts what is discussed is sound and how they affect your daily life like living in a city such as New York City. Also it is talked about how sounds can be manipulated to our advantage now verses  the 1920s.  these podcasts  state that Sound is all around us and in our lives in many different aspects and many different forms. From bustling traffic to sitting in a theater and listening to a performance or just filming a podcast in set theater sounding like you are in a studio and how where you are affects the  sound around you. In the one pod cats it states that electronics can also ,take a listening experience diffrent.


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I think he is trying to say that now since the work is digital thew way music is chosen is different its there at the click if a button nit like before when you had to get records, cds, or tapes.

music indicates thar difference between marginiliazed and powerful is that back in the days you went to get the music now it is readily available that it is a power shift  in those days and now

Krukowski discovers the difference between the two is important because it gives you control of what you are listening too.

listening experiences and forced exposure are different from Paul Lamere the thought and feelings are genuine and with music apps like Sound cloud .

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Ellison  describes living in nyc as a flood of sound windows open all the time.then he goes on to say that the noises in his four wall around him in his building there was always noise of a neighbor singing and how his rivalry with her renspired his love  and passion for music.


the sentence live with music or die with noises is pretaining to the bustle of noise from nyc .



Ellison  essay and R.Murray Schafers pertain to the noises of the city in the same way as  disturbing noise

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Ralph  Ellison describes how the sound of the city is annoying as he is a writer and needs his peace to work . one of the things he also describes the noises and sound he has to put up with in his apartment particularly the upstairs neighbor and how her singing affects him being able to write.Ralph Ellison  goes on to state he made a machine and had battles of decibels with her and how she was a good sport about items it didn’t hinder her creativity .He talks about his child hood and his love for music and then comes to realize can he bother this artist for he too is a artist of writing .In the end his love for music return.

in the first sentence I believe he means you live with your love for music or die  listening to the noises of NYC.



the point of comparison in sound scape is that noise is pollution like in Ralph Ellisons book and that music is becoming more modern



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It is said in Berger’s thesis that in the 1960s during the black rights movement whites and blacks portrayed the movement differently in their respective news outlets. I agree with this, white news outlets presented photos of the violence directed towards colored protestors while colored news outlets portrayed their side of the movement showing the peaceful protests they put into action.

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  1. Berger states that publicity is a form of language .
  2. Berger states glamour didn’t exist without social envy as well as  the people that owned the oil paintings  they believed in grace not glamour.
  3. I dream of owning a car and commercials and advertising make me want and  dream more about owning a vehicle that is how you get consumers to buy a car.

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  1. Berger is stating that advertising is some thing you see you might remember it or you might not Berger also dictates that it is significant to help the business for example if it a business poster consumers will see it and flock to buy it is a advertisement publicity persuades people.
  2. I feel like Berger is stating that glamour did not exist and  the people that owned the oil painting saw grace and beauty he is also saying society has changed and that glamour and beauty are the same in the painting in his day and era.The images for publicity and the art are the same.
  3. My dream of owning a home and then I receive emails for advertising to purchase or rent a home.


Berger was stating that the art can only. be viewed in the place where it resides.An example of that is the museum. Also that when you add a camera it is just like an eye it can only see what is in front of it at any given time.So a photo  a  copy famous painting  can reside in your home or in a class room to be used and viewed at your leisure.

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Berger is stating that since the time of genesis and up until this point when Adam and Eve were given the fruit they realized they were naked. After that women were seen as objects women were there to please men.Women got judged by men, others, themselves . In the paintings the women were portrayed for men in same way naked or nude.Today is the same  women are portrayed in the same way.


good morning, My name is Lauren Padilla I am in the pre clinical phase of vet techs my major. I have three children and I am a single parent.I am of Spanish I like to read and spend time with my children as my hobbies. Im hoping to provide more stability for my kids that is why I am in college.