paper prompt #2 I.N

Ismanol Noesi

                                       The extinction of natural sounds


         In the latest decades, the use of headphones and boomboxes have contributed to noise pollution and also have deprived some public spaces in parks that were good to enjoy natural sounds. Noise pollution is very present in NYC’s quotidian life. Looking back to the 80’s 90’s, Krokouski describes how  downtown used to be the same noise pollution because of the cars’ klaxon, amulace’s sound, people screaming and so forth. But the difference from today is that in public parks people used to get the sound of the natural world in public parks. Meanwhile, people nowadays have headphones and do not enjoy those incredible sounds. Indeed, when they go there and do BBQ, they won’t be listening to the  environment’s sound, thus they use boomboxes to party.

         Knowing what’s happening at least in latinos area parks, I have the idea that in my area I don’t have any free space to enjoy natural sound. I am referring to Latinos community because that’s where I live and because I haven’t been in other neighborhoods in New York, thus I just have the knowledge of my community and environment around me. Last time I remembered listening to a great natural sound was in Poconos environmental education. 

     Noise pollution has become something normal in my life, I even can say that I don’t feel very comfortable when everything is so quiet. Sometimes when I lay in my bed, I start thinking foolish things, I know that it’s the birth of silence. Meanwhile when I read I used to play symphony or soft music because I feel more comfortable like that, the same happens when I am going to take a shower or do  any shore. Therefore, the boom boxes have an important role in my quotidian life but I really don’t agree too much with the noise pollution in Public spaces.

    In the episode krokowski clearly talks about those sounds around the city. It’s like being forced to hear everything because he had to stay with the window open. After being used to something it is not easy to forget it, maybe that’s why when I am soundless I don’t feel very comfortable but sometimes I like to get to some soundless place.

              The problem is that you can’t not apply a rule in parks, like banned music from speakers because maybe you are violating those rights for the people  because they are in a free area. The thing is that we have a lot of freedom in New York but nobody wants to be in a place without freedom. But in life we always face change and speakers and headphones will give us a great thing but will get many things away from us, and that’s why to me it’s important to keep natural sound alive.