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paper prompt #2 I.N

Ismanol Noesi

                                       The extinction of natural sounds


         In the latest decades, the use of headphones and boomboxes have contributed to noise pollution and also have deprived some public spaces in parks that were good to enjoy natural sounds. Noise pollution is very present in NYC’s quotidian life. Looking back to the 80’s 90’s, Krokouski describes how  downtown used to be the same noise pollution because of the cars’ klaxon, amulace’s sound, people screaming and so forth. But the difference from today is that in public parks people used to get the sound of the natural world in public parks. Meanwhile, people nowadays have headphones and do not enjoy those incredible sounds. Indeed, when they go there and do BBQ, they won’t be listening to the  environment’s sound, thus they use boomboxes to party.

         Knowing what’s happening at least in latinos area parks, I have the idea that in my area I don’t have any free space to enjoy natural sound. I am referring to Latinos community because that’s where I live and because I haven’t been in other neighborhoods in New York, thus I just have the knowledge of my community and environment around me. Last time I remembered listening to a great natural sound was in Poconos environmental education. 

     Noise pollution has become something normal in my life, I even can say that I don’t feel very comfortable when everything is so quiet. Sometimes when I lay in my bed, I start thinking foolish things, I know that it’s the birth of silence. Meanwhile when I read I used to play symphony or soft music because I feel more comfortable like that, the same happens when I am going to take a shower or do  any shore. Therefore, the boom boxes have an important role in my quotidian life but I really don’t agree too much with the noise pollution in Public spaces.

    In the episode krokowski clearly talks about those sounds around the city. It’s like being forced to hear everything because he had to stay with the window open. After being used to something it is not easy to forget it, maybe that’s why when I am soundless I don’t feel very comfortable but sometimes I like to get to some soundless place.

              The problem is that you can’t not apply a rule in parks, like banned music from speakers because maybe you are violating those rights for the people  because they are in a free area. The thing is that we have a lot of freedom in New York but nobody wants to be in a place without freedom. But in life we always face change and speakers and headphones will give us a great thing but will get many things away from us, and that’s why to me it’s important to keep natural sound alive.


Blog Post#7 I.N

  • Krukowski wants to let us know that by the times things change and powerful people or companies decide whether to put  the song on the algorithm or not. Basically the new world of digital music helps artists to reach many people but also can destroy them very easily because they can put them out or in the system or algorithm. The other thing is when they choose to get the power by themselves looking for what they want to hear, therefore they are significant but they have to let the companies know that they are there. I wouldn’t say that they are significant but they basically can live without those ones that they don’t want to be part of.
  • Maybe he is trying to communicate that they are trying to take away what they want from their companies. Meantime they will keep giving to people songs which  have power and what is more significant for a bigger amount of people. But a title amount will be peripheral. At the end all just will depend on how much people listen to the same song or artist that will depend on whether it is marginalized or powerfull.
  • It will be surprising because of how much the music can impact you from hearing it. Meanwhile discovering music is something that you will be in another cultural barrier which is something good too. This is important because you will keep on hearing what surprises you the most. Therefore, it has a combination with discovering.
  • In Forced Exposure magazine, they may not use the same algorithm as spotify and just will show to people all songs on an album. This could be  the big difference and the electronic world that uses spotify may be more innovative. At the end of the day they are not working in the same wave.

I.N blog post 6

  •  Ralph Ellinson describes how he was very influenced by the Sound around him and how he got used to it. In between of all the sound that he could not get rid of them but better get used to them. In his essay he talks about his neighbor and how the sound of her goes throughout his apartment as if she was by his side. In addition he talks about a guy that used to sing in the corner and passed away. I think that what he did with his environment was the same as the motto says “if you can not fight with the enemy, be a teammate of his”. It may not be an enemy to him but the sound gets to some limits that bother and the last thing he has to do is just get used to it. At the end he just was wishing well of the drunk guy that used to sing in the corner

  •  The deal is that he does music and looking inside in this phrase it is easy to say that this was because of what he was living. What you rather would do, listen to the environment sound, that not always may be good or adequate or listen to the music you want or the one that you create?, there is a big common thing between R. Murray Schafer’s and Ralph Allison and it is the NYC sound around their flat.

  • The common points and very interesting one was that both of  them have some history with the sound of New York City which is a true reality.One of them is a podcast and the other is a essay but the feeling with the NYC sound is almost the same because they both had to get used to them, after getting used to thing around you, you may develop certain feeling with them. Therefore that’s what happens with each of them, R. Murray Schafer’s with the sound of everything that comes throughout the window  and the city sound and Ralph  Ellison with his neighbors and music or voice sounds.

I.N blog post #5


      There is a perfect meaning for each word, “hearing” is just when the sound passes through your ears or sense but “listen” is when you really are giving attention to what someone is saying or to any sound. Is very important to choose what you want to listen to. There is not a thing in a crowd that if you pay attention you will be able to listen. Therefore, that comes when you choose what you are paying attention to. We clearly can make that choice easy, when there is something that you think is important to you or makes an impact on your senses. I think that criteria that we use depend on each individual because each one decides what is important to them. The features are important,each individual has a different one. This could be how to use targets to inform people, it could be depending on social class and race. It could be that some structure influences the way it sounds but not the meaning of it.

         They discuss it in the way that the city produced it. The space where we are is very important because ech space can give us a different feeling and how we listen to it. Is very important that sometimes we just block the things that make sounds around us. The great thing was that they gave some great examples about it, like the way you listen to things around you or listen.


blog post#4 I.N


             It’s important to know  that  many white people support racial injustice but it’s like not supporting black people because we have seen more injustice against black than white and there is still not a big change in the case. The media could not calm down everything because of the power that gives to the black people but still doesn’t clean the image of black people at all. It’s like they are supporting the crime just committed but not supporting a change therefore I agree with Berger because black still have to make their own movement.


Blog post #3 I.N


.1.   In the publicity they are showing what people may want in their life. But what influences people is the image and the perfect result that they show in the advertising of their product.Also certain stuff could give “value” to people if they have it. This is very significant because people can go to the wreck if they follow advertisements, they are created to influence people with logical fallacies.

  1. These differences are important but it is good to take a look at the time and the purpose of each painting and  photography. Rich people show what they already  had while publicly trying to get people’s money, they won’t get rich like this, they will end in debt. It’s like advertising what you already have against what you may want. They are revealing how they use a photograph to get the attention of people and making them feel that it’s what they need and how they will look after getting that. 
  3. They are showing models and making it look like a dream, this easily will call people’s attention. Many people dream about having a level on the social class and many publicity shows them what they want to see. Do the advertising guarantee them that the product will give them a dream coming true?, not but they do think that what averticing is showing is what they are going to get.


blog post #2 I.N

There is a big change in the time, I don’t think that there is an objectification because nowadays social media has changed it. Back then it use to call the atención because of the meaning of the image or because of the posture of the woman in the painting or photography meanwhile today they want call the atención not with a good posture o a good glance, they want to show all the part of their body to call is “sexi photography”. There are certain people that alway follow  the gaze of the men but the time has changed so much that they do care about that gaze, now it just depends on what time of person you are for example, your job, who are your friends, what are your hobbies and so on. At least many of the people that I talk to about these things, they say that  “they don’t care about what people think, they post what they feel comfortable with”.Meanwhile there are a bunch of people just looking for the gaze of the men or women. I think that sexuality could play the same  role in picture or  painting and in the change of the time it possibly could have too. I think that picture and painting are in the same tree but different branches.


Ismanol blog post #1

         Using the “entering conversation”gives the writers more benefits because they will be able to have more ideas.Indeed they will be more critical with their thoughts and also will give the idea of what the writer will be talking about. Meanwhile if they don’t use it, they will be creating theories in their writing and their readers will have more questions about.


     I think that it does help us a lot. Being good at looking at photography can bring your mind to look at many details in other cases. I strongly agree with this because I am a follower of photography and that also is my hobby. And the truth is that there is plenty of meaning in photography, and the photography that opens your mind to street photography because of the details and their meaning. Therefore, looking at photography and trying to read their meaning will help you identify more things in other scenes.


Ismanol introduction

          Hi, my name is Ismanol and I am majoring in criminal justice. Looking forward to getting my two years degree in LAGCC. I have some hobbies that I practice in my free time, they are cycling, photography,skating,reading and motorcycle rides. In the near future I would like to visit some other countries because I love to learn about new cultures. Indeed I love to talk about human behavior and debate certain iams about it. I think there is not a dream impossible to achieve, it’s like if you can dream you can make it. I’m going to college not with the purpose of getting a good job in the future, my idea with this is that you can educate yourself and become a better human being therefore, my compromise is to become more intelligent with everything that I  can learn in my journal in life. But at the end of the day the most important thing is to love yourself first and the you will be able to give love to other.