Blog post #3 I.N


.1.   In the publicity they are showing what people may want in their life. But what influences people is the image and the perfect result that they show in the advertising of their product.Also certain stuff could give “value” to people if they have it. This is very significant because people can go to the wreck if they follow advertisements, they are created to influence people with logical fallacies.

  1. These differences are important but it is good to take a look at the time and the purpose of each painting and  photography. Rich people show what they already  had while publicly trying to get people’s money, they won’t get rich like this, they will end in debt. It’s like advertising what you already have against what you may want. They are revealing how they use a photograph to get the attention of people and making them feel that it’s what they need and how they will look after getting that. 
  3. They are showing models and making it look like a dream, this easily will call people’s attention. Many people dream about having a level on the social class and many publicity shows them what they want to see. Do the advertising guarantee them that the product will give them a dream coming true?, not but they do think that what averticing is showing is what they are going to get.