Blog Post # 3 Assignment

1. According to Berger, publicity/advertising influences consumers by having them think that their lives would change for the better as shown in the publicity image. And therefore, motivating people to do anything to achieve satisfaction. This is significant because according to Berger, the number of new possessions one has could change relationships and become recognizable to many. However, those with insufficient money (glamour), would become outcasts and left out of the public image.
2. The differences between oil painting and publicity are important because the oil painting is used for the purpose of art, while publicity is used for the purpose of advertisement. In addition, oil painting shows what the creator owns, whereas publicity shows what the viewer wishes to own. The images used for publicity reveal that those who accept the offer will be like the ones shown in the publicity image. According to Berger, it also reveals the creator’s behind-the-scenes from both the oil painting and the public image. While the oil painting shows what the owner has, it was never addressed as to how he got it. A perfume, for example, is publicity shown to consumers so that they can buy it. But what’s not known are the people who manufactured that perfume in a factory.
3. The “dream of a faraway place” is offered by advertising to manipulate consumers by having them think with the product the advertisement is offering, the consumers would feel relaxed and stress-free from reality. One real-life example could be a resort, where people go on vacation and relax.

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