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I will be writing an essay about “Living with Music” by Ralph Ellison, and ways of hearing episode 2 “space” by Krukowsi.

In “Living with Music” Ralph Ellison says that his life in those days was either live with music or die with noise. In addition,Ralph Ellison tells us how music has changed his living experience of New York City’s noisy life and the importance of music. Ralph says that music will not only calm down when we are in trouble, it will resurrect us. Ralph Ellison is surely right about music and it is extremely useful in our everyday’s life because music helps us to live mentally and physically healthy by keeping away from unwanted noise.

In the Ways of hearing episode 2: Space, Krukowski speaks about noise and his experience growing up in New York City. Krukowski mentions the noise of the city as “less of a roar and more like being hit with a massive wave of sounds and people”. In addition, he examines how digital technology is privatizing public space. Furthermore, listening to our favorite music by using digital technology like headphones, earbuds can help us to avoid unnecessary background noise. Krukowski is right when he said, “when you put in your earbuds, you are creating a private space in a public space”. I agree that using digital technology like headphones, or earbuds and listening to music can help us to get rid of unnecessary background noise. However, there are some disadvantages of using digital technology like headphones or earphones. There are some examples like accidents, ear problems, and taking people away from being socialized.











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    1. Usha

      Although I agree there are many advantages of digital technology, there are also some disadvantages like using headphones or earphones because it might cause accidents, ear problems, and disconnect people from being socialized.

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