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Headphones parachute their way to elevate how we share public spaces yet privately. However, headphones set boundaries and limits to how we share spaces. Although headphones create such greatness for sharing public spaces and limit how we communicate, their acceptance can also be bad for health, and continuous use may Cause hearing loss. How we value our communications skills; depends on how, where, and when we use headphones.
The way we communicate when wearing headphones,  although the acceptance of headphones in workplaces is not tolerated. The implications of headphones have puzzling questions about how we accept our socializing and sharing spaces skills.  Some may find it unhealthy and lack self-esteem.

Though it is for personal use, whether business or pleasure, headphones also restrict and limit one to being in their bubble of space; even though headphones isolate how one socializes, it gives you the experience to share public space privately.

Technology invention of Headphones has helped society reduce noise pollution and sharing of space without disturbing one another. People use headphones to seclude themselves from others. One can now only hear what they listen to rather than what is happening around them.
Loud music is usually heard booming through speakers or boombox; Nowadays, one can attend a party and listen to the music through headphones.
They are not limited to listening to what the disc jockey is playing but can choose what they want to hear.

Headphones enhance how we avoid ear contact, unwanted sounds sound that is of meaning to one ear, the option to share public spaces headphones lays out those choices for us to make.
The jogger, the Teacher, and the train rider all give in to the power of headphones; they are indeed powerful when the sound of a crescendo shot like a kettledrum through your ear feels the adrenaline energy listening to their favorite genre.

But Listening to Schafer and reading Ellison’s essay, sounds are what we listen to and what we hear, as soundscape is a combination of sounds and how the listener perceives it.
One can appreciate each sound as soothing and enthusiastic or find it annoying and disruptive.

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