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Reproduction of mechanisms changes to technology has vastly affected all aspects of life from how we lived in the past to how today’s society lives; for example, when one needed to know information, it came by “word of mouth.”

Even telling time of day was done by looking at your shadow and measuring how far it falls behind the body while the sun is up.

The evolution of mechanisms has reshaped the world significantly as technology changes how society lives, learns, works, and travels.

Now one can sit and watch what is going on worldwide without moving; the digital world makes it possible.

Japan is known for the rapid advance in technology after the second world war; the advancement in electronic example vehicles, robotics, video games medical devices are some of the few developments in technology.

People develop talent and education to aid them in operating the impact of the changes.

Society can now use the digital system to do everything. The internet provides us with all the information ready at hand with just one click away.

For a computer, this device has come a long way from occupying a room because of its enormous size to the extent that it can be carried around with one hand and fit on one’s lap.

Society can always stay in touch with family, friends, and work no matter their location, and you can still communicate instantly. People can now explore these changes in the digital world, from a house phone to smartphones from computers to tablets.

Technology connectivity aids us to do many things anytime, anywhere. It helps us to do online and banking shopping. Digital technology makes it possible always to have ready access to information.

To compare changes of current technology and its uses by how it has been in the past. The digital system has vastly changed how we live today.

Below is a picture of the first computer and is the massive size in comparison to

A laptop that is much smaller in size and has more capabilities.

In the earliest time, before electromagnetic telephones came about, mechanical and acoustic devices were used for transmitting speech and music.

This device was based on sound transmission. The sound was transmitted by mechanical vibration.

Things and time moved quickly, the digital world exploded, and the telephone emerged to a successive improvement—the idea to communicate electronically with the invention of cell phones.

They have given credits for another successful vision with a mooted idea of mechanical reproduction.










Listening Through Tech…..

Headphones parachute their way to elevate how we share public spaces yet privately. However, headphones set boundaries and limits to how we share spaces. Although headphones create such greatness for sharing public spaces and limit how we communicate, their acceptance can also be bad for health, and continuous use may Cause hearing loss. How we value our communications skills; depends on how, where, and when we use headphones.
The way we communicate when wearing headphones,  although the acceptance of headphones in workplaces is not tolerated. The implications of headphones have puzzling questions about how we accept our socializing and sharing spaces skills.  Some may find it unhealthy and lack self-esteem.

Though it is for personal use, whether business or pleasure, headphones also restrict and limit one to being in their bubble of space; even though headphones isolate how one socializes, it gives you the experience to share public space privately.

Technology invention of Headphones has helped society reduce noise pollution and sharing of space without disturbing one another. People use headphones to seclude themselves from others. One can now only hear what they listen to rather than what is happening around them.
Loud music is usually heard booming through speakers or boombox; Nowadays, one can attend a party and listen to the music through headphones.
They are not limited to listening to what the disc jockey is playing but can choose what they want to hear.

Headphones enhance how we avoid ear contact, unwanted sounds sound that is of meaning to one ear, the option to share public spaces headphones lays out those choices for us to make.
The jogger, the Teacher, and the train rider all give in to the power of headphones; they are indeed powerful when the sound of a crescendo shot like a kettledrum through your ear feels the adrenaline energy listening to their favorite genre.

But Listening to Schafer and reading Ellison’s essay, sounds are what we listen to and what we hear, as soundscape is a combination of sounds and how the listener perceives it.
One can appreciate each sound as soothing and enthusiastic or find it annoying and disruptive.

“The cosmic of Music in the Digital World “

Technology changed how we discover and consume music. We now live in a more digital world than analog. People are now being able to switch between the two; this changes the perception of music.
Krukowski had enlightened us on how something is powerful in recuperating with power has rejected.

This brings one to crate-digging, which is not just shopping. It is sorting through bins and bins  that the current mainstream has no use for, even yesterday hits, broken, useless and bring it back to life, make it be of power,  that has been inadequate not of one’s taste, therefore, the lot of “the rejected.”

These are often of the “marginal” not involved in the main event, but one goes digging searching for objects that cannot be found anywhere else old-fashioned or incomprehensible.

Forced Exposure and Paul Lamare enter the digital world that creates a musical universe that is predictable to you. Now you will discover what you want to hear based on your interest or desire, “the repressed,” and not be surprised by anything random.

Music has dematerialized, no longer an object to be bought or sold yet powerful. With algorithms and playlists, Spotify has created a media universe that adapts to us.
No longer are you surprised by random song recommendations; no one wants to be surprised.
Algorithms make it more accurate for you to discover the suitable grain of sand (music, song in particular) based on the context of your mood.
Spotify gives us want we probably like and what we are already comfortable with to let it keep on playing.

Living with music

Ellison was trying to concentrate on his writing even though it was hard for him to accomplish such a task.
He had occupied a tiny apartment on the ground floor to the rear of his building. Ellison could hear a mixture of sounds each day because of the thin walls of the apartment.

Every morning promptly at nine, he could hear the small jukebox blasting through the thin walls from the small restaurant to his fight of the apartment. He could listen to the cats howling and dogs barking, incapable of making Music worth living with, so he ignored it.

Coming from another side, Ellison could hear various singing or preaching drunks. He had hungered and thirsted for little quiet to listen to the keys of his typewriter.
The singer who lived directly above was devoted to her art. She was not of the best voice he described, screaming on notes that had a ricochet effect bouncing down the walls of the building, sounded like whistled tenpenny nails, and the buzzing of a saw.

After a year of non-co-operation from the neighbor, he decided to call the police officers.
Ellison faced an ethical problem on how hard it is for an aspiring artist to deprive the work of another aspiring artist; he felt guilt.
Ellison had to listen, and in listening, he decided to make noise. With this, he decides to make the whole block suffer from blowing his trumpet, terrorizing a good part of the city by the sustained tones he blew through his window.

Ellison uses Music to annoy his neighbor but then realizes that Music is a constant reminder of what we are and aspire. He realizes that you live with Music or die with noise, and he desperately chooses to live. Because thou art troubled? Music will not only calm, but it will also ennoble thee.

Listening to Schafer and reading Ellison’s essay, there is no significant difference in the soundscape, as soundscape is a combination of sounds and how the listener perceives it. They both understood the sound they heard and meditated upon each one to understand their relation.

But on the contrary, Schafer appreciates each sound as soothing, enthusiastic, while Ellison finds the sounds around him annoying and disruptive.




‘We hear ,we ponder, and we listen.”

According to an old proverb my grandparents use, it says, “see, blind, and hear and deaf, this means you should pay attention to your own business, not meddle in another person’s business.
We hear and listen; the mind analyzes what sound salivating the brain and pays attention to a particular one.
Being from the Caribbean, we thought to live by that saying. As a child growing up, you will hear adults talking, but you cannot listen even when you are sitting just three inches apart from each other.
Because hearing consists of sounds listened to, it perceives what sound to pay attention to.
Even though They are of the same body parts, hearing and Listening are similar but have different results.
To hear is always at the forefront. One could hear so many different sounds surrounding them, the doors banging, the rustling of the garbage bag, the plane flying overhead, and the train moving on its tracks. However, all the focus is to listen to the YouTube video on Schafer describing soundscape. Technology has made this possible because headphones have changed how one listens.
According to Schafer, Listening is a collection of sounds that can be miraculous if one listens and hear all the sounds surrounding them. Because Listening is consciously done with little or no effort, one can enhance the sense of hearing and listening.
Technology allows us to glide between the two with little or no effort by locking off the outside world and being in one of their own.
The Miriam Webster dictionary defines the meaning of hearing as the: process, function, or power of perceiving sound precisely: the special the unique sense by which noise and tones are received. While on the other hand, it says Listening means to pay attention to sound to hear something with thoughtful attention is displayed.

Clean thoughts ; Pure mind

Bill Big Broonzy sang these words “if you black stick to the back if you brown stay around. Not to be taken racially, in my opinion, what he said is somewhat fitting.

I agree with Berger that the media show how blacks suffer at the hands of the whites, even depicted in photographs, books, and movies.  The publicity of the media help perceives the mindset of the whites on how they view blacks. They now realize that blacks are constantly the victims.

Regardless of how the media choose to do its publicity on whatever images they advertise, one should treat a person accordingly and not because of the color of one’s skin.

 So much has changed in today’s world; we are now supporting each other we are embracing the fact that we are of one accord no matter the color of one’s skin. Thanks to those who made it possible to let us know that black did not start with slavery, and they are not always wrong.

Who is glamorous?

We buy, we keep, or we give away; publicity is the manufacture of glamour, which makes us see and want more than what we need, “does this makes us richer or poorer”? Glamour allows us to choose, as the way of life does,

Being glamorous can be very competitive; everyone would like to be at the top or be the best or make their products more valuable more conspicuous for buyers or lookers. Berger states, glamour should go deeper than looks; glamour is for everybody who can afford it; publicity works on our anxiety. If we have money, it will be achieved, “who lacks glamour”? To keep up with today’s society, one may exaggerate to advertise for publicity when one can see glamour everywhere. One can become peevish because of greed and envy because of glamour.

Today, we do not try to have grace or elegance; we want to be famous and get likes.

We now want to change what  is seen the mirror and compare ourselves to others, not for who they are, but for what is seen around them. Those who lack glamour become tasteless as glamour works for the eyes of the mirror.

Seldom I dream, but dreams for later tonight are prevalent even though it is a figment of my imagination; these dreams are of different things I aspire to be. Will it survive the publicity advertisement? Will one find it glamourous to buy to keep?

We see, we wonder, we buy, we keep we sell….

Don’t compare yourself to others some would say but in today’s society, women cant help but to demonstrate and compare how sexy they see themselves and how they want to be seen by others.  Being sexy sells, it is the added bonus to a woman. Todays women do not seem to care if they are seen in the nude or not, they do this as a gesture, they do this to feel good about themselves or to attract attentions. Women today are very strong  when it comes to self perception, they see themselves as powerhouses and do not want to be told or reminded of their level of nudity. Berger differentiates being nude is not being naked and being naked is not being nude, but to today’s standards, women in society would agree that partially nude and naked are all the same.

Its hard to argue if women have control over what franchises show women should look like. The media post, the media buys, it sells and it keeps. If a woman is dressed a certain way to advertise their sexuality be it accidentally or intentionally the media will mop up that gesture without control. We are surrounded by the images in life and the media sees these images to sell, for publicity and to entertain.

Sexuality will always play the biggest role to attract a man’s gaze. Sexuality is internal and external. Women like to be looked upon, therefore nudity should be perceived in the eyes of the beholder. Narcissism comes naturally to both men and women and its needs to attract one another. Needless to say it comes effortlessly and even compulsory for a man to gaze upon and be drawn by a woman’s sexuality.

Agree to Understand

The Advantages of Gerald Graft and Cathy Birkenstein  model is to give the writer a clear path in writing, it helps  the writer flow ideas and thought flow more  freely through fundamental stages of writing.  It also helps with having clear and concise comprehension, understanding and arguing with a difference also agreeing and dis-agreeing with the reasons of the writer.   This helps the writer with a good introduction to properly write on the conversation by understanding what was said and not deviating from the topic  thus this makes the write express one self clearer.


Understanding the ways of writing from making a mental picture of what ones sees, hears or smells, might be somewhat difficult for many but with the knowledge of putting into perspective of what is in front of you is easy on the mind. It allows idea to flow freely. Being able to see and touch the Art allows you to peruse the details of the Art, the age the shape, the color, the meaning and reasons of the Art, this allows the writer to agree or  dis-agree with the artist concept of the Art.




too blessed to be stress

hi everyone my name is Keisha I am Jamaican by birth a strong Leo girl. who is very ambitious and never afraid to try new things.  I love reading and history channels.  As for me as a person am very easy going, fun and I try to be me. I never try to compare myself to another person. I believe in putting my all in what  I do I keep trying if I fail. I am a mother of Two amazing boys whom I adore so much.  Am hoping to gather all the knowledge I can from this course am open to suggestions and help from anyone who is willing to help.