‘We hear ,we ponder, and we listen.”

According to an old proverb my grandparents use, it says, “see, blind, and hear and deaf, this means you should pay attention to your own business, not meddle in another person’s business.
We hear and listen; the mind analyzes what sound salivating the brain and pays attention to a particular one.
Being from the Caribbean, we thought to live by that saying. As a child growing up, you will hear adults talking, but you cannot listen even when you are sitting just three inches apart from each other.
Because hearing consists of sounds listened to, it perceives what sound to pay attention to.
Even though They are of the same body parts, hearing and Listening are similar but have different results.
To hear is always at the forefront. One could hear so many different sounds surrounding them, the doors banging, the rustling of the garbage bag, the plane flying overhead, and the train moving on its tracks. However, all the focus is to listen to the YouTube video on Schafer describing soundscape. Technology has made this possible because headphones have changed how one listens.
According to Schafer, Listening is a collection of sounds that can be miraculous if one listens and hear all the sounds surrounding them. Because Listening is consciously done with little or no effort, one can enhance the sense of hearing and listening.
Technology allows us to glide between the two with little or no effort by locking off the outside world and being in one of their own.
The Miriam Webster dictionary defines the meaning of hearing as the: process, function, or power of perceiving sound precisely: the special the unique sense by which noise and tones are received. While on the other hand, it says Listening means to pay attention to sound to hear something with thoughtful attention is displayed.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Keisha, the expression you bring up is interesting in the context of what Krukowski is talking about in his podcast. It suggests that a kind of disciplining is involved in developing one’s sense of “listening.” I’m interested, too, in your point about technology. How is it connected to what you say in the paragraph above?

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