Blog Post #2

I believe that the representations of women today do objectify them in similar ways to what Berger describes of how women were depicted in the renaissance paintings. In episode two of Ways of Seeing John Berger elaborates on the idea of how in certain paintings where the female body is illustrated it is portrayed in a way most pleasing to men. Furthermore, Berger indicates the distinction between what it means to be naked and the idea of what being seen as nude signifies.

To elaborate John Berger is trying to illustrate the idea that being seen as nude- is to be viewed as an object, most particularly through the lens of objectification and overall sexualization.  Berger emphasizes the fact that to be nude is to be objectified and portrayed in a desirable and sexual manner. Berger is spot on because the representations of women today sexualize and objectify women even more- In addition, Berger is correct when he says women are painted and photographed in ways to please men. In society, today women are often objectified and forced to live up to unrealistic beauty standards-  various outlets of media use the female body and these standards to appeal to certain audiences which include mainly men. The idea of being seen nude is harmful because it perpetuates the idea that women are nothing more than their bodies and are here only to please men. Everyone already knows that the female body is beautiful and capable of life but the concept of being nude has been twisted when in reality being naked is a beautiful choice one makes out of their own free will. To carry on, I would say that women do not really have control over their image in the media- the media itself portrays women to be less than men and the over-sexualization of the female anatomy also impacts what it means to look and behave as a woman.  In 2021, I do see women owning their sexuality and creating their own image which lends to new and more inclusive representations.