Blog Post 8

I will be writing about the effect of spatial arrangement and disembodiment on choreography using immersive and interactive computer technologies. It is said that technology in music significantly influences the perception of sound by a dancer due to the principles of time and space in choreography. I say, spatial arrangement and disembodiment should focus on direction of the dancer, proximity, rotation and speed. Music in the contemporary has undergone massive transformation amid the introduction of three-dimensional data methodologies. When music is played, it creates various sensual and tactile experiences. Now through the development of three-dimensional technologies, this has aimed at creating sensorial, sensual, sensible, and sensitive procedures. Hence, these new technologies’ spatial arrangement and disembodiments have contributed to varied impacts on choreography.

However, there can be a case made that other aspects such as the direction of the dancer, proximity, rotation, and speed can affect the spatial arrangement and disembodiment on choreography.This includes how a dancer manipulates sound effect parameters during dancing/performance. For instance, unexpected changes in sound can contribute to movement improvisation by the dancer.Traditionally, sound/music directs and motivates the movement phrases embraced by a dancer. Through a systemic review of extant literature, research will establish how spatial arrangement and disembodiment by the new technologies influence choreography.