Who is glamorous?

We buy, we keep, or we give away; publicity is the manufacture of glamour, which makes us see and want more than what we need, “does this makes us richer or poorer”? Glamour allows us to choose, as the way of life does,

Being glamorous can be very competitive; everyone would like to be at the top or be the best or make their products more valuable more conspicuous for buyers or lookers. Berger states, glamour should go deeper than looks; glamour is for everybody who can afford it; publicity works on our anxiety. If we have money, it will be achieved, “who lacks glamour”? To keep up with today’s society, one may exaggerate to advertise for publicity when one can see glamour everywhere. One can become peevish because of greed and envy because of glamour.

Today, we do not try to have grace or elegance; we want to be famous and get likes.

We now want to change what  is seen the mirror and compare ourselves to others, not for who they are, but for what is seen around them. Those who lack glamour become tasteless as glamour works for the eyes of the mirror.

Seldom I dream, but dreams for later tonight are prevalent even though it is a figment of my imagination; these dreams are of different things I aspire to be. Will it survive the publicity advertisement? Will one find it glamourous to buy to keep?