blog post 3%

1.Burgers says publicity influences consumers by persuades them to buy things .and showing things we can be envious of like supper models in a magazine they have been transformed with the make up the close so we going to envy them. This is important because we look at things we like if we see an image, we like we are going to look at it and admire it and might make us buy it.
2.The importance of difference of oil painting and images, in the paintings it shows what they have and not what you aspire to have and want to have as in images today they show what people aspire to be or to have the images today are persuading you and making you aware of what you don’t have or what you want to look like. They make it seem like if you by this or do this your life will be better.
3.The skin dream in the images today makes clear of what skin color is desired and the most flattering on anyone from the few people of color on the magazines to shows, those images make it appear that lighter you are it can make things more accessible. they manipulate consumers by making it seem like lighter is more appealing to the eye.