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Advertising images influences us consumers according to Berger by buying products that will “change” our life for the better, that will make us richer. In reality it is making the industry richer and the consumer poorer. Advertisements persuades us to spent more money by showing results of whatever they want to sell.

The difference between oil painting and publicity pictures are very different and important. Oil paintings are usually about the life that already has been created. It is not trying to promote anything but just simply show us. Publicity pictures is trying to sell us on something. It convinces the consumers that if we buy that certain product, that can be our life, we can look like them. Everything is staged to appeal to the eye of the viewers.

The first dream Berger presents gives us the illusion everyone having a good time. Consumers are easily manipulated because everyone looks happy without a care in the world. This advertisement used imagery to give the viewers what they wanted to see or what the consumers think that is what they want. The viewer will be fooled that they can also be like the ones in the picture.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Maria, good work here. I think the difference between oil paintings of rich people and advertising images is that they project power in different ways. Oil paintings establish those who are in charge; whereas, advertising causes us to desire certain objects.

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