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Blog Post #4

Berger’s argument about the media influence on African-Americans is fairly accurate and I agree with him. ┬áThe media always tries to portray African-Americans only a certain way. Editors try to appeal to white people majority of the time. During protests, the media show people of color as victims and not them fighting for what they deserve. Not only that, they don’t show how they come, which is in peace.

Blog post 3

Advertising images influences us consumers according to Berger by buying products that will “change” our life for the better, that will make us richer. In reality it is making the industry richer and the consumer poorer. Advertisements persuades us to spent more money by showing results of whatever they want to sell.

The difference between oil painting and publicity pictures are very different and important. Oil paintings are usually about the life that already has been created. It is not trying to promote anything but just simply show us. Publicity pictures is trying to sell us on something. It convinces the consumers that if we buy that certain product, that can be our life, we can look like them. Everything is staged to appeal to the eye of the viewers.

The first dream Berger presents gives us the illusion everyone having a good time. Consumers are easily manipulated because everyone looks happy without a care in the world. This advertisement used imagery to give the viewers what they wanted to see or what the consumers think that is what they want. The viewer will be fooled that they can also be like the ones in the picture.

Blog post #2

In the Renassaince era, one of women’s main duties was to please men and only them. But over the course of centuries, roles of women has changed. We are independent, just as smart as men or even more. Women being viewed and used as objects is not the norm anymore. Paintings of women in the renaissance period had to be with minimal energy, after all they were there to feed an appetite and not their own. In modern time, the idea of women just pleasing men is absurd. Women are seen more, not overlooked at. They have control over their life without the need of men.

Blog Post #1

Using the model “entering the conversation” is basically about giving us different points of view. This is an advantage because in writing it is very important and intriguing to see all sides of the topic that is being talked about in a cohesive manner. Throughout the writing, the readers will interact by agreeing, disagreeing or both. Using this model will not make the writing predictable.

I only thought that art was for self expression only but I was wrong. Artwork is very crucial to analyzing situations by training us what needs to be in a scene and what doesn’t. It will make it easier for to come up with a conclusion.

A little about me

Hi, my name is Maria and I am 20 years old. I came to New York when I was 7 from The Dominican Republic. Coming here was quite a difficult adjustment but nonetheless it was the best and wouldn’t want it any other way. All my life I’ve always been timid but I am trying to put myself out there more, really experience life. Some of my interests are skincare, shopping, makeup, going out and having a good time and binge watching shows like Money Heist and The Handmaids Tale.