We see, we wonder, we buy, we keep we sell….

Don’t compare yourself to others some would say but in today’s society, women cant help but to demonstrate and compare how sexy they see themselves and how they want to be seen by others.¬† Being sexy sells, it is the added bonus to a woman. Todays women do not seem to care if they are seen in the nude or not, they do this as a gesture, they do this to feel good about themselves or to attract attentions. Women today are very strong¬† when it comes to self perception, they see themselves as powerhouses and do not want to be told or reminded of their level of nudity. Berger differentiates being nude is not being naked and being naked is not being nude, but to today’s standards, women in society would agree that partially nude and naked are all the same.

Its hard to argue if women have control over what franchises show women should look like. The media post, the media buys, it sells and it keeps. If a woman is dressed a certain way to advertise their sexuality be it accidentally or intentionally the media will mop up that gesture without control. We are surrounded by the images in life and the media sees these images to sell, for publicity and to entertain.

Sexuality will always play the biggest role to attract a man’s gaze. Sexuality is internal and external. Women like to be looked upon, therefore nudity should be perceived in the eyes of the beholder. Narcissism comes naturally to both men and women and its needs to attract one another. Needless to say it comes effortlessly and even compulsory for a man to gaze upon and be drawn by a woman’s sexuality.

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