Clean thoughts ; Pure mind

Bill Big Broonzy sang these words “if you black stick to the back if you brown stay around. Not to be taken racially, in my opinion, what he said is somewhat fitting.

I agree with Berger that the media show how blacks suffer at the hands of the whites, even depicted in photographs, books, and movies.  The publicity of the media help perceives the mindset of the whites on how they view blacks. They now realize that blacks are constantly the victims.

Regardless of how the media choose to do its publicity on whatever images they advertise, one should treat a person accordingly and not because of the color of one’s skin.

 So much has changed in today’s world; we are now supporting each other we are embracing the fact that we are of one accord no matter the color of one’s skin. Thanks to those who made it possible to let us know that black did not start with slavery, and they are not always wrong.