Agree to Understand

The Advantages of Gerald Graft and Cathy Birkenstein  model is to give the writer a clear path in writing, it helps  the writer flow ideas and thought flow more  freely through fundamental stages of writing.  It also helps with having clear and concise comprehension, understanding and arguing with a difference also agreeing and dis-agreeing with the reasons of the writer.   This helps the writer with a good introduction to properly write on the conversation by understanding what was said and not deviating from the topic  thus this makes the write express one self clearer.


Understanding the ways of writing from making a mental picture of what ones sees, hears or smells, might be somewhat difficult for many but with the knowledge of putting into perspective of what is in front of you is easy on the mind. It allows idea to flow freely. Being able to see and touch the Art allows you to peruse the details of the Art, the age the shape, the color, the meaning and reasons of the Art, this allows the writer to agree or  dis-agree with the artist concept of the Art.




2 thoughts on “Agree to Understand

  1. Paul Fess

    Keisha, your post does a good job of highlighting the tension between what the writer expresses for him or herself and the broader conversation represented by the piece of writing.

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