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  1.   Entering the conversation is helpful because you understand the main idea of why the conversation is important  it can help you fined something to write about ,things that are relatable to you and help you express interest  in your opinions . Also  makes what you write more interesting and not boring .This also can help you get your point across. it may help with something to write about .It can make the readers understand were your coming from .and make it more relatable to the viewer. and makes what your writing more interesting  and enjoyable to read.

2.  I agree that looking  at art work helps us understand other situation because it helps you  have a better  understanding of what you see ,It is important in everything you do .It can make you see what you  did not see  before . and to better analyze things  you see .and pay more attention  to details . Its a  very important  skill for any career . it makes you think more and ask more question  and have better understanding of the situation . Also ,can make you see what you were not looking for and make you pay attention to the real world from a new point of view.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Falynn, good points here. I especially like what you say in the first paragraph. I agree; entering the conversation helps engage and demonstrate your own interests in a subject.

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