Ismanol introduction

          Hi, my name is Ismanol and I am majoring in criminal justice. Looking forward to getting my two years degree in LAGCC. I have some hobbies that I practice in my free time, they are cycling, photography,skating,reading and motorcycle rides. In the near future I would like to visit some other countries because I love to learn about new cultures. Indeed I love to talk about human behavior and debate certain iams about it. I think there is not a dream impossible to achieve, it’s like if you can dream you can make it. I’m going to college not with the purpose of getting a good job in the future, my idea with this is that you can educate yourself and become a better human being therefore, my compromise is to become more intelligent with everything that I  can learn in my journal in life. But at the end of the day the most important thing is to love yourself first and the you will be able to give love to other.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Hi Ismanol,
    Great to have you in the class! Your interest in photography will come in handy in the first unit of the course. I like cycling too. Do you bike around NYC?

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