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In Paper #2, based on The Soundscape by R. Murray Schafer, and the article How A.S.M.R Became a Sensation, I will be writing about how sounds play a significant role in today’s lifestyle, such as noise pollution, and how people are rediscovering the sounds that have disappeared into the city soundscape. While I find many A.S.M.R sounds unpleasant, I do agree that A.S.M.R sounds can be therapeutic that can improve our mental well-being by giving a feeling of euphoria. These reproduced sounds and raw sounds of nature are essential for us to be in a state of harmony in the world we live in. 

In The Soundscape and A.S.M.R article, both emphasize wanted sounds that can help enhance our life if we listen carefully. Schafer also claims that “the ear is also an erotic orifice,” likewise people who find triggers in A.S.M.R sounds experience pleasurable sensations. Despite both focusing on listening carefully to desired sounds, Schafer expresses concern over rising levels of noise pollution and how we must find a way to eliminate unwanted sounds. On the other hand, A.S.M.R gives us escape from noises by reproducing the sounds in its natural form to give raw sound experience. The importance of these two articles focuses on what really triggers us when we intently listen to sounds around us and how it changes our behaviors. As more different sounds are added to city soundscape, many people are beginning to seek the sound we had forgotten to listen to.  

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