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    I’m going to talk about how the use of headphones can change our experience in public spaces. Having headphones in public is changing the experience we have. Having headphones in or earphones changes the experience because we are not focused on the outside we are focused on what we are listening to. so, when we have the sound playing in our ears and its louder than the sounds around us we are going to focus on it especially if we’re playing a song we like, or a podcast, etc. Headphones give you an option to block all other noise so you can only hear what you want.  Also, it gives us control over what we hear, and how loud it is. Depending on where you live it can be loud and noisy. Headphones change our experience everywhere you can block out the noises in public to hear anything you want and only you will hear it . It can be relaxing music but in a very loud public space .or it can be loud music in a quiet public space. you can be in your own world not paying attention to anything around you, just listening to your earphones.  Radios are another way to hear anything you want but people prefer to privately listen to their music rather then other people hear it.  Apps like Spotify and pandora, have a variety of options and you can set whatever mood you are in no matter where you are, and how loud or quiet the public space is.  You can have whatever experience you want when you choose what to hear.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Falynn, this seems like a promising topic. Be sure to frame this in terms of how material from the syllabus has commented on this issue. Remember that you need to compare at least two items from the syllabus. Also, consider the downsides of the situation you describe.

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