Blog 8 (Proposal)

I would like to write a paper about how headphones change the way people turn public space into their own private space. My thesis statement is ” How headphones demarcate personal space”. Headphones help demarcate personal space even though people are using headphones during using public space. They allow people to feel cloistered, safe, and comfortably alone. They give people the power to control an audio environment.

In public spaces, there are many noise pollutions that one doesn’t want to listen to such as traffic noise or construction noise. Digital devices like headphones or earbuds help people calm down by escaping to another favorite place with only just one click. People have the ability to listen to their music like their own thought. It is something that nobody else can hear.

Even though without music, wearing soundless headphones is now a new common thing to block other people. So, we get more privacy than we used to be before headphones were invented. In a crowded and noisy world, a headphone is a small invisible fence that makes space, create separation, help one listen to themselves.

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