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This is a comparison about Ralph Ellison’s “Living with Music,” and Damon Krukowski’s “Ways of Hearing- Power”

In “Living with music,” Ralph Ellison describes music as a way to escape from all the noise by his neighbors and the noisy neighborhood. Instead of listening to the noise from his neighbors, he listens to music as a way to get rid of all the noise by constantly hearing it daily. He creates his peace from listening to music and how he hears it. He did mention “In those days it was either live with music or die with noise.” This means that you can choose to continuously hear noise coming from the neighbors, or you can do something about it by creating your own and choosing to listen to music. In “Ways of Hearing- Power,” Damon Krukowski describes music as having numerous ways to enjoy music and block out anything that we do not want to hear. He mentions that we have better technology for streaming music that we no longer have to walk into a record or a CD store to browse for our selected music. Nowadays, we have better means for getting the music we love at our fingertips. By using apps like Spotify and Apple music. To some, music is much more enjoyable now than it was back then because we can use our phones and technology to browse and search for the music that we want from the comforts of our homes, compared to a time when we had to physically go into a record or music store to browse the selection of music that we wanted to hear. Having ways to block out noise with music gives one many possibilities of being in their own world for that period. Listening to music can take you to a place where you dreamt of being, by imagination, thought, and hearing the sounds which you love.

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