I.N blog post 6

  •  Ralph Ellinson describes how he was very influenced by the Sound around him and how he got used to it. In between of all the sound that he could not get rid of them but better get used to them. In his essay he talks about his neighbor and how the sound of her goes throughout his apartment as if she was by his side. In addition he talks about a guy that used to sing in the corner and passed away. I think that what he did with his environment was the same as the motto says “if you can not fight with the enemy, be a teammate of his”. It may not be an enemy to him but the sound gets to some limits that bother and the last thing he has to do is just get used to it. At the end he just was wishing well of the drunk guy that used to sing in the corner

  •  The deal is that he does music and looking inside in this phrase it is easy to say that this was because of what he was living. What you rather would do, listen to the environment sound, that not always may be good or adequate or listen to the music you want or the one that you create?, there is a big common thing between R. Murray Schafer’s and Ralph Allison and it is the NYC sound around their flat.

  • The common points and very interesting one was that both of  them have some history with the sound of New York City which is a true reality.One of them is a podcast and the other is a essay but the feeling with the NYC sound is almost the same because they both had to get used to them, after getting used to thing around you, you may develop certain feeling with them. Therefore that’s what happens with each of them, R. Murray Schafer’s with the sound of everything that comes throughout the window  and the city sound and Ralph  Ellison with his neighbors and music or voice sounds.

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  1. Taron Lewis (He/him)

    1. Ralph was sounded like he was hearing unexpected sounds around him that he started to get use to it because we hear sounds all the time and we can hear the sounds too like a car alarm, a siren, a car and many other things so Ralph was just trying to express on what he’s hearing all the time when he’s in the neighborhood because you can hear a lot of sounds in a neighborhood mostly in New York.

    2.Between what Ralph and Murray is suggesting on what can be better for making music and it’s about hearing the other sounds that you hear outside that you hear everyday or listen carefully to the music that you are making so that you can finish it.

    3.This last one I think it was basically trying to compare about New York’s sounds of a podcast or a sounds of NYC because of New York has a lot of sounds but a podcast is just something that you listen too of people talking about something.

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