I.N blog post #5


      There is a perfect meaning for each word, “hearing” is just when the sound passes through your ears or sense but “listen” is when you really are giving attention to what someone is saying or to any sound. Is very important to choose what you want to listen to. There is not a thing in a crowd that if you pay attention you will be able to listen. Therefore, that comes when you choose what you are paying attention to. We clearly can make that choice easy, when there is something that you think is important to you or makes an impact on your senses. I think that criteria that we use depend on each individual because each one decides what is important to them. The features are important,each individual has a different one. This could be how to use targets to inform people, it could be depending on social class and race. It could be that some structure influences the way it sounds but not the meaning of it.

         They discuss it in the way that the city produced it. The space where we are is very important because ech space can give us a different feeling and how we listen to it. Is very important that sometimes we just block the things that make sounds around us. The great thing was that they gave some great examples about it, like the way you listen to things around you or listen.


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  1. Paul Fess

    Ismanol, you lay out really interesting ideas here. I’m wondering if you could also give some examples from Kruowski and/or Schafer or, better yet, some from your own experience.

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