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Blog Post 7

What Krukowski means by “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment.” is that the powerful decide what is important and what is not. He is trying to put significance on the marginalized. Music indicates the differences between the powerful and the marginalized because they both think of music in different ways. They could think of music as negatively or positively. The distinctions Krukowski makes between being surprised by music and discovering music is that you feel different from each. The differences he describes are that surprise is not that helpful and that discovering is based on what we like. The music listening experiences enabled by Forced Exposure are different from platforms like Spotify because there is an algorithm in Spotify. Spotify will show you music similar to what you often listen to because of the algorithm.

blog post 6

In “Living with Music”, Ralph Ellison describes how music affects his living experience in his New York City apartment building in many ways. He describes many things related to the noise he hears around him. His apartment is surrounded by many different noises like the cats and dogs or the singer who lived above him. He describes some of his experiences as positive and some of them as negative.

In the first sentence when he says “In those days it was either live with music or die with noise…” he means they had to live with all the sounds around his apartment. He described how he tried many things like audio equipment to prevent the noise. He chose to desperately live instead.

There are many comparisons between Ellison’s essay and episode 2 of Damon Krukowski’s Ways of hearing. Both described the noises they hear around them. They also talked about experiences in New York. They both talked about sound and noise that added to their experience in New York.


Blog Post 5

I feel that “hearing” and “listening” are two different things. You can hear many things without paying attention. When you are listening you are focusing and thinking about the topic. We do make choices about what we listen to. When we listen to things we are choosing to listen to it. We make these choices by considering what is important to listen to and what is not. The criteria we use is how helpful the information that we listen to would be. Structural features could also play part in how we listen to things. We might want to listen to specific things that we feel matter more.

Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space in many ways. They explain we use our hearing to locate sounds around us. They also talk about how New York has been getting gentrified. Many people contributed to the space taken in New York from gentrification. They talk about how inside and outdoors sounds are different. Ear buds also amplify sounds for us. They say ear buds are like a dream of the sounds we hear.

Blog Post 4

I agree with Berger’s argument that the media focuses on what catches the attention of white audiences. Berger states how black protestors succumbing to white violence was more common to see than black led political action. Media only shows what white audiences would like to see. Berger also states how the media could not assuage the racial anxieties of whites without affecting the depiction of blacks. This shows that the media does not want to show black people standing up but rather them being victims.

Blog Post 3

According to Berger, publicity influences consumers in many ways. Publicity influences our minds and imagination. Berger states publicity persuades us that it will make us richer when it is actually making us poorer. This is significant because publicity convinces consumers that they need something. The differences of oil painting and publicity are important because it shows how both are expressed in separate ways. They reveal that the production of images for publicity are more complex and are based upon the envies of consumers.

One of the dreams Berger offers is the dream of a faraway place. This dream uses imagery to manipulate consumers because it makes them feel they need to go places. It proposes ideas to consumers. Consumers are convinced by the publicity and feel it is important to do it for themselves.

Ways of Seeing

Representations of women today objectify them in similar ways as what Berger stated about women in Renaissance paintings. They explain how the women in the painting thinks about how men see them. That is very similar to how representations of women today are shown. Representations of women are shown to revolve around men. I think women do not have control over their images in the media. Many of the media is still determined by the male gaze.

Sexuality plays the same role in images of women as what Berger describes because it is mostly assessed and judged by men. Many things about women are associated with sexuality. They say women are projected with erotic images. Many women are seen sexually because of this.

Blog Post 1

Writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing. There are many advantages of this model. These advantages help writers and are important in creating ideas. One advantage of the model “entering the conversation” is that it helps you create your own thoughts. Another advantage is that you will have a more expanded view of things from this model.

I agree that learning to look at artwork can help us analyze other situations. Looking at artwork can enhance your thoughts. You can also observe art and think about the meaning behind the artwork.


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