Greg’s Blog Post #1

  1. UsingĀ  “Entering the Conversation” as described by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein can lead to advantages to a more intellectual discussion with stronger points of views. The main idea of this technique is demonstrated by entering a conversation and listening to all sides of the arguments. By absorbing the arguments of all sides of the conversation, you can formulate your own thoughts and ideas on the subject with a stronger understanding of the topic.
  2. The smarthistory videos discuss how learning to look at artwork help us analyze other situations. I agree because it can train you to see different perspectives. When you look at something through your own “lens”, you’re limited to your point of view. By analyzing artwork, you can see the illustrator’s point of view and train your eye’s attention to detail. This can translate to real-life situations by being able to see details that untrained eyes cannot and therefore grasp a better understanding of the problem.

1 thought on “Greg’s Blog Post #1

  1. Paul Fess

    Great points. In #1, I like your point that this model leads to an intellectual discussion. In #3, I like your idea that looking at art helps you adopt someone else’s perspective, and therefore gain a better sense of the object.

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