Ways of Seeing Analysis

In John Berger’s ” Ways of Seeing” he explains how art is observed. John Berger goes over different types of art in episode 1 and state how we could look at art in multiple perspectives and can mean or symbolize something different based on our understanding. Furthermore, John Berger focus on how women is depicted in Renaissance paintings in episode 2 as submissive and pleasurable to men. Representations of women today is objectified in the same way John Berger argues about how women is perceived as sex objects. Today’s society we have social media, magazines, and TV (just to name a few) have a huge influence on how women should view themselves or to attract men attention. In general no matter if the women is naked or even fully clothed they will still be portrayed sexually they don’t have full control of their image. In episode two John Berger stated that “To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet recognized for oneself”. He implies how a women’s naked body viewed in a sexual matter can be a form of nudity.

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