Blog Post #2: Ways of Seeing

Many people may think women are represented in a different light due times changing over the years and how women view themselves in the household and in general but I still think we are viewed the same. Just as the women were mentioning in episode 2 of ‘Ways of Seeing’ women are painted by men for their satisfaction and not the origin purpose of it. Women can have control over their images in the media but 9 times out 10 it will always be controlled and sexualized by the public (mostly men) because in the entertainment industry ‘sex sells’. The conversations that Berger and the women are having are very relevant today.

As Berger explained in episode 1 which can be connected to what the panel of women were talking about is ‘the image or painting being taken or painted can mean one thing to the photographer or artist but once that photograph or painting reaches your home and etc it has a different meaning to everyone. So now the photograph or painting loses purpose with every replica made.’ The conversations from episode 1 and 2 describes the sexuality in images from 1972 and sadly were are still in the place or maybe a even worse position. You can see it and hear it through out movies, tv shows, award shows, fashion shows, schools, barber shops, hair salons, photo shoots and etc.

5 thoughts on “Blog Post #2: Ways of Seeing

  1. Taron Lewis

    I think what the story is representing is that women sometimes think that men will just see them has something sexual but to some woman they want to see themselves as sexy women but they realize that they have control of there own body and they should look.

  2. matthew r

    I say that the story is saying that sexualization sells so that’s why women are very sexualized in media and now in art as well because back then that’s what art wasn’t about but in todays society everything revolves around it. In some form of way in shows or commercial or advertisement in general most have women to attract a bigger audience.

  3. Keisha (She/her/)

    Being vain to one self is entirely common in both men and woman we are naturally like this we do things to attract, as do the painters they often depict the images of naked or half naked women to draw upon so I do agree that “sex Sells”.

  4. Angel Ciuro Jr

    I believe the story is saying that sexualization sells and that’s the reason not only ladies but men as well are exceptionally sexualized in media and in our art, in todays society everything rotates around it. In some type of way in shows or businesses most have ladies to draw in a greater crowd.

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