Ways of Seeing

Berger is examining how women are presented as an item and product. Berger begins with images orienting readers in a world we recognize. This is connected to episode 1 in which Berger explains how humans frame their world through what they see. There is a contrast connecting what people perceive and how they understand what they perceive.

In today’s age women do have control over their image in the media. They know how to present themselves in a way to avert the male gaze and they know what is sexual and no one is forcing anybody to portray themselves in a way they don’t want to be portrayed. And they are getting paid to portray themselves in the media that will draw the male gaze in other words they themselves are choosing that role. Berger described that sexuality plays the same role in images of women today and I say it does because in the video Berger said,”Nakedness is a celebration of active sexual love as between two people, the woman as active as the man the actions of each absorb the other”. This shows the sexuality in which is portrayed between male and female in today’s media.

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