Jane’s Blog Post #2

I would say women today are still viewed in similar ways but we have evolved in the media and have more control on how women are viewed but as well woman are still viewed as a sexual tool because women always want to measure up to what’s being shown by man on either TV, Magazine or any social media platform that’s just not being a realist for woman. It just all depends what the media shows you but like in the videos Berger says it’s on the point of view of the beholder to view someone in that way. Women now do have control over their images despite us having social media platforms that show you how you should look physically, what you should wear and how you should act. We women have more control than what we tend to think but because we’ve always been overruled by men we fail to see that. No matter what we are always viewed by the males gaze and a sexual attraction to them because of the exaggeration of one man’s desire. Like one of the speakers says you see more truth and realness and connection towards a photograph than in a painting. Why? Well because in a photograph you’re seeing an actual person, someone you can connect to, a setting, realness of a woman. In a painting it is viewed by the man and what he sees, the sexual desire and the exaggeration of a woman with huge breasts or bottom in which you can’t really have no connection to or agree because that’s just not how we view ourselves. 


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