Blog Post #2

In Ways of Seeing John Berger shows images of nude women in Renaissance paintings and examines how women were represented at that time. Berger stated that women were judged and objectified by men during that time. Comparing that era to today’s time, many things have changed, and so has the attitude of women and men. Although it is still partially true that women are still objectified, women have become more aware of this reality and fight against the notion of how they should be. Women today are often represented as more independent and freer. There are women presented in media platforms to get men’s attention for selling products or for other business purposes, but there are also many other platforms which defy the idea of women being vulnerable and as subservient as Renaissance oil paintings depicted. Berger also mentions that women’s images were made to appeal men’s sexuality, however, today women’s images are not solely to appeal to men’s sexuality but to represent who they are and their own self-expression. 

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