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blog post #8

This is a comparison of the soundscape by. R. Murray Schafer and the article show A.S.M.R Became a Sensation

In this paper i will be discussing how different sounds affect our environment. A big topic brought up was noise pollution and how we choose to not listen/block out certain sounds. In both of the articles ear sensation was mentioned. Through A.S.M.R we listen to sounds that can be a form of serotonin and a mind relaxation sensation. A.S.M.R is a stimulation of the mind with raw sounds. Some. people find it relaxing while other like myself don’t really find it as. enjoyable of an experience. While feeling that way I could also appreciate it. In Schafers article he talks about how the ear is an “erotic orface”. We can experience sensation through many different sounds. Different sounds affect our behavior, our mood, and our environment.

Blog Post #7

i think Krukowski means that music is no longer appreciated through CDs. With the new technology in this world everything is so advanced CDs aren’t used anymore. People now listen to music through apps on their phone. The distinction between being surprised by music vs discovering music is when you’re surprised you have no expectations you’re just surprised of the unknown. Vs when you discover something you are looking for it. It’s important because this is how we understand music more. Forced exposure vs listening to music on Spotify is different. When listening to Forced exposure you can listen to lots of music but have to wait to make contact with the artist. Meanwhile with Spotify it provides music based on your interests or mood. Spotify has unlimited amounts of music.

Blog Post #6

Ralph Ellison describes he is observant of those who live near him but he hears them more than visually seeing them. He explains how hearing sounds strengthens his sense of place in his community. The difference between noise and music is people who listen to sound as noise listen differently and as more of a disturbance or miserable compared to music which is more ambient and pleasurable. I think a good comparison between both essays would be how both choose how or what they listen to. They both listen to their surroundings whether that Ellison in his apartment building or Krukowski on a walk.

Blog Post #5

I think hearing is more of an act of hearing sounds vs listening is more making sense and connecting to a sound. I think we all make choices on what we choose to listen to. Our brains start to accustom to listening or not listening to certain sounds. We tend to listen to sounds we want to hear rather than the ones we don’t. Structural elements that have an effect on what we hear and choose to hear are the way we grew up or the type people we surround ourselves with. We pick and choose through sound selection. When Schafer and Krukowski discuss sound and space they talk about how sound affects the space you’re in. We control what we listen to in the environment we are in.

Blog Post #4

I agree with Bergers argument. I am a witness as well as everyone else on social media of black people being portrayed as victims rather than standing up for their rights. In magazines and newspapers white people make it about themselves to portray an image of power rather than portraying both black and white sides of the story. It’s truly a sad conception that these photographers have created. They have made people believe through the years. that this is how it should be. They conditioned people to this way of life. All this does is hurt our world and continue to support racism.

Blog #2

I agree that representations of women today objectify them in more ways than the renaissance paintings. Back then all men had were just that… paintings. Now with advanced technology you get more. Videos for example are just the tip of the iceberg. There are sites used as well. I think all women are determined by the male gaze. They all like to feel wanted and desired. Some women seek validation in the male gaze. But women don’t want to be seen as an object that men can use for their advantage and pleasure. They want to be desired due to societies portrayal that being wanted is something we should all want and experience. I think in certain cases women have control over the images that get put out into the media but in other situations they do not. I think women will always be sexualized, no matter what era we enter.

Blog #1

Writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing. Hearing about other peoples opinions and thoughts about a topic can allow you to see things from different view points and might even change your opinion. Having people who disagree with you can challenge your way of thinking and make you a better writer. I agree that learning to look at artwork can help you analyze other situations. Most artists are in situations similar to the ones you might be in and they express it through their art. It can help with observation and how to look deep into certain things that may not be obvious.