Blog Post #5

I think hearing is more of an act of hearing sounds vs listening is more making sense and connecting to a sound. I think we all make choices on what we choose to listen to. Our brains start to accustom to listening or not listening to certain sounds. We tend to listen to sounds we want to hear rather than the ones we don’t. Structural elements that have an effect on what we hear and choose to hear are the way we grew up or the type people we surround ourselves with. We pick and choose through sound selection. When Schafer and Krukowski discuss sound and space they talk about how sound affects the space you’re in. We control what we listen to in the environment we are in.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Interesting way of putting this distinction. We would say that one of the five senses is “hearing,” but, according to you, when we “make sense” of what we hear we are “listening.”

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