Blog # 2 Prompt

In the video, “Ways of Seeing, Episode 2”, John Berger argues about how women were portrayed in the Renaissance arts, which are often depicted as nudity. However, in modern-day art, women are not seen naked, but with different elements and styles of art surrounding her and the painting. The way I see it, some women could have control over their images, while others aren’t. This can be seen near the end of the video, where a group of women along with John Berger were discussing the old European art, and one of the ladies sees the paintings as unrealistic because she finds it to be exaggerating. Later in the discussion, however, another lady points out that women believe they are set with the expectation to look beautiful just by looking at the paintings. Compared to what Berger describes women in old art, a woman in art nowadays doesn’t seem to focus much on her and her body but focuses more on the style and meaning of the art itself.

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