Ways of Seeing. Blog Post 2

The way that women are represented today is similar about what Berger argues, women are always objectified by men because men are sexual beings. Women does have control over the images in the media, but I think that most of them would rather have something more sexualized out there, because they would want to feel a kind of acceptance from the male audience, which would in turn give the woman the attention that she might be seeking. If a man sees an image that’s sexualized or nude, then that’s where his mind will take him, even for a second. On the other hand, a woman might have control over the images in the media by not putting out sexualized images because she would want to be portrayed in a positive, less sexual aspect by the male. Berger mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve, that the woman was blamed for giving the apple to the man, and was later punished. Today, such as, if a woman dresses provocatively, and thus gets harassed or worse by men, many times they would blame the woman just for the way she was dressed.

2 thoughts on “Ways of Seeing. Blog Post 2

  1. Taron Lewis

    The way the video talks about how the way of seeing someone is basically talks about how when a women see’s you they can look as a different person, someone who skin color is different. It was basically telling everyone how it shows how much people can feel if your looking at someone with your eyes it can make people feel uncomfortable. The video made an example about how paintings can show something about how the artwork can be seen by someone else’s eyes and to be judge about something.

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