Blog Post #7

  1. When Krukowski asserted that statement, he means that the higher-ups can decide whether something is still in good use or not. If it’s no longer useful, then it’ll be marginalized, or left out. When Krukowski added that the thing being marginalized could be used as an alternative approach to art, he’s trying to let us know that instead of that piece of art being useless, it could be useful in other instances which can still hold its value. In terms of music, the “powerful” refers to the mainstream culture, and the “marginalized” refers to the music that was once popular. In other words, the music that was once popular eventually gets left out because the mainstream culture sees no use in it anymore.
  2. In the podcast episode, Krukowski distinct the terms “surprised” and “discovering” when it comes to music. Being “surprised” is when people come across a certain type of music similar to what they normally hear. “Discovering” music, on the other hand, is where people listen to music they wouldn’t normally hear, and would still enjoy it. Being  “surprised” and “discovering” music is important because many people nowadays may not be able to discover new types of music, given that they’re always recommended with the same music online by big companies.
  3. The music listening experience by Force Exposure is different than those working on digital music companies because of the way music is exposed. People working at Force Exposure are exposed to a wide variety of music records to listen to, they even write about the records in detail and publish them in their catalogs. Jimmy Johnson’s warehouse has 50,000 records stored, with hundreds coming his way every week to listen to. When it comes to digital music companies, like Spotify, people like Paul Lamere expose music to users based on the users’ preferences. With their preferences, Spotify will automatically recommend to listeners the type of music they’ll be interested in. Although Spotify has more music availability than Force Exposure, users won’t get the opportunity to listen to that amount of music due to recommendations given by the program.