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The difference between hearing and listening can be different for everyone. I think that listeningĀ  is when you listening closely to something you want to listen to like your favorite song or you want to listen to someone sing but hearing you can hear things and not be listening to it you can hear someone speaking but you’re not paying attention to what they’re saying. You can hear it but you can ignore it even when you block it from your brain and block the sound out you can still hear it but your brain just drowns it out. If you are focused on something else you can have the choice between hearing and actually listening to it by trying to focus on what you’re paying attention to, like reading a book and people are talking ,we try to ignore it. What we hear and listen to is different depending on what race, gender, and social class we are. For example, people of a different race don’t listen to ignorance because they learn to ignore things that are said to themĀ  because they heard it threw out their lives . It can also depend on a person’s age, where they live, and personality.
Schafer and Krukowski’s point is that the relationship between sound and space is the space your in can play a part in how you hear sounds and things around you.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Falynn, you do a good job of explaining the differences between hearing and listening. I’m wondering if you can say more about the connection between this and your comment on space and sound.

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