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1. As I see it, the difference between hearing and listening is that hearing is the sounds we come across in our surroundings, this could be people talking from a distance, or the music we overhear from a car as the driver drives away. Listening, on the other hand, is what we want to hear, it could be music or the sounds of nature. We can make choices about what we listen to nowadays through technology like our mobile devices. In Damon Krukowski’s second episode of “Ways of Hearing”, he said we can control what we listen to in our environment anytime. There are structural elements that can affect our ways of listening, such as the way we grew up and the type of friends we have.

2. In the passage, “The Soundscape”, Schafer talks about sound and how it affects the space surrounding it. He discussed that keynote, when given a place, influences the personality of people living there and thus gives that place meaning to them. It possesses such great significance, that without it, it loses value to the people that once admired the place. The second episode of “Ways of Hearing”, portrays a good example of this. In that episode, Damon Krukowski and Jeremiah Moss went into a boutique, which used to be a rock club that they used to hang out. Krukowski remembered how the place was and asserted that the music playing in the boutique felt nothing with what the room represented. So one can see that Krukowski’s keynote was the rock club which brought meaning to him and his band. Now that it turned into a boutique, that place Krukowski loved has lost its meaning. This shows the relationship between sound and space made by Schafer and Krukowski.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Brandon, you draw excellent connections here. I really like your discussion of keynotes. It makes me appreciate the ways Kruowski is put off by CBGBs being turned into a John Varvatos clothing boutique.

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