blog post #3

  1. According to Berger, publicity image influences consumers by being everywhere, on magazines, on screens, on walls. It’s hard to avoid its power because we’re surrounded by them in our daily life. Its power makes people want to consume more and more. However, it makes people get poor in the meantime. Some people might feel left out from society if don’t follow what trend or publicity images portray/express at that moment. The power of publicity can make many people keep spending money on the material to make them look glamorous in their society.

2. As Berger compares oil painting to the publicity that they have things in common. Yet, the difference between oil painting and publicity images is the oil paintings show the ideas of grace, elegance, the authority that represent how rich the owner of that painting is. However, publicity images make people envy others which is one of the biggest reasons that makes them spend more money to have things that they don’t have, just like Berger said in the video that ” without social envy, glamour cannot exist”. Berger reveals to us that the production of images for publicity tries to lure us by showing only a good-looking side, such as a beautiful home, a pretty lady who wears an elegant dress. This makes people want to become /own things like whatever that image for publicity show to society. It also plays with people’s fear like perfume advertising, which scares people that they might smell bad without that perfume.

3. Of course, many dreams are influences by publicity such as TV and magazine. In the video, Berger shows us the “dream of a faraway place” which makes people want to travel or take a vacation. This dream shows only the good side of enjoying traveling that can easily manipulate the audience. It’s obvious that Its power influences people want to spend money for their next trip.