Blog Post #3

According to Berger, Publicity Images influence consumers to want what they see advertised because it is portrayed as glamourous to the consumers, whether it is houses, cars, jewelry, or clothing. The consumer sees that as something to have since they are overcome by the anxiousness of wanting what they see is publicized.

The oil painting showed what the owner was already enjoying and that it enhanced the view of oneself. The Publicity shows that life would be different because of the new possessions, but you would need money to do so. It states that seeing those publicity images makes one want to have that in their lives because it would make the consumer happier. Not having sufficient money to do so, encourages the consumer to go after the “dream” that they see in the public images.

The dream of a faraway place is using images to manipulate consumers portraying that they too  could be far away to an exotic location or Island, forgetting everything at that moment that the consumer may be experiencing. The consumer would accept what is seen from the images since they ought to wish to de-stress, but that would also be taking money from the consumer. When it is over, the consumer would come back to reality and would once again be confronted with whatever they were running from in the first place.