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        According to John Berger, in publicity and advertising images they influence consumers to believe in a life that will be better for them if they consume the product or what’s being advertised to them. It gives them a sense that your life will get better and change if they do what advertisements tell them to do. Then this is leading them to believe in their mind they are richer just by consuming this product or advertisement when in all reality they are becoming poor.

Berger oil painting and publicity (advertising) photographs are different  because oil painting back then was a form of art. Where a man would paint what he possessed and surrounded his riches around as well as showing his way of life. Now publicity photographs give us a representation of what we want , our desires , what we want to have and own. They make us think we will have this better life or relationship but we can only have those things if we are rich if we can afford all these luxuries. 

Bergers has 3 dreams but one of the dreams that captured me was the skin dream. The skin dream states that the images given to you by social media, magazines or tv are giving you this belief that if you buy the product you like you’ll have flawless skin or become this beauty and desire others will want. This is something that alot of us fall for and believe will work or do for us. 

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