Way of seeing # Episode 4

According to Berger, wherever we go we are surrounded by images on the wall and newspaper for “publicity”. He says that “publicity is  capitalism because publicity changes ourselves and our lives by buying more. Publicity or advertising-images attract consumers by showing what we have if we  buy it.  In other words, publicity pretends to interpret the world around us. Moreover, they add glamour to increase sales in the name of publicity. 

He explains the difference between oil painting and publicity photography where oil paintings were surrounded by gold frames symbolizing the wealth of the owner within the picture and around it but publicity images surround everywhere around us, as we are. However, they share  a similar visible language. Publicity(advertising) photography makes the whole world available to the consumer as everything is universally available in a marketplace. In addition, the production of images for publicity informs consumers so that they can have their freedom of choice. These differences are important because we all need to know the importance of them. Matter of fact, those paintings and images more closely impacted us than any other kind of images in history. 

Many people get influenced by the offers that are given in the advertising. We start to dream about the things that we see in advertisements. In other words, whatever that we like in the publicity (advertising) images, we try our best to fulfill our dream no matter how much it costs. For example: buying a new car, new designer clothes or shoes, and makeup or hair products. And also, we might have a dream to go to the places to visit  that we see in advertising.